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Kareen’s Jamaican Kuisine and Abby’s St. Kittchen are black-women-owned businesses founded within the last two years. We sat down with chefs Kareen Duncan and Abby Riley to ask them what students should know about their restaurant.

Kareen:  “Kareen’s Jamaican Kuisine is very friendly...and the price is right! Here there is good food, a good environment, and a good price.”

Abby: “Abby’s St. Kittchen is right here. Walk around and explore the neighborhood. Be aware that this is not your average Caribbean restaurant, it’s more. We make different foods and are here to cater to you with authentic, good food.”

These chefs are right about good food for a good price. Abby’s meals range from $6 to $15 while Kareen’s cost only $7 to $10. And there will be plenty of leftovers for day two!