"My order? A belgian waffle with powdered sugar and a cup of coffee. When you're done eating and looking at the art on the walls, you can go across the street to the Arnett Branch Library! Win-win."

"I am a huge smoothie person, so B+Healthy is just perfect for me. All ingredients for their smoothies, sandwiches and salads are fresh and locally sourced. What's better than local blended fruit infused with essential vitamins? Plus, all the employees are so friendly!"

"Kareen's reminds me of a traditional Jamaican restaurant. The music was great, the food was beyond delicious, and every interaction we had with Kareen and the other customers was genuine and unique."

"I enjoy chatting with Dolores and Linford while browsing all the fun items like Jamaican jerk sauces, Tropical Rhythms soda, and gizzada (coconut pastry). It’s also neat that you can just walk across the bridge and get groceries and a meal."