We are the Summer Sustainability Community Engagement Fellows! For eight weeks, we are exploring local food culture in Southwest Rochester, interacting with business owners, customers and other community members. It is an amazing opportunity for us to get involved in our community beyond the U of R campus.

We believe that it is important to support local businesses because it helps our business owners continue to fill a need they recognized in their community. Since many of these restaurants are culturally-rooted, they are also avenues for community members to get a taste of home, or to learn about a new culture. Our experiences with these passionate, hard-working Rochesterians inspired us to share more information about their restaurants with U of R students.
We are, just like you, summer students who understand how difficult it can be to find affordable, tasty food in large portions. After all, as broke college students, we want our every penny to count! Keep scrolling to view the interactive map we developed featuring the locations of these local restaurants.

We hope that you will join us in getting involved in our community!