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Connecting Students to Local Food Hot Spots in Southwest Rochester

We are the Summer Sustainability Community Engagement Fellows! For eight weeks, we are exploring local food culture in Southwest Rochester, interacting with business owners, customers and other community members. It is an amazing opportunity for us to get involved in our community beyond the U of R campus.

We believe that it is important to support local businesses because it helps our business owners continue to fill a need they recognized in their community. Since many of these restaurants are culturally-rooted, they are also avenues for community members to get a taste of home, or to learn about a new culture. Our experiences with these passionate, hard-working Rochesterians inspired us to share more information about their restaurants with U of R students.
We are, just like you, summer students who understand how difficult it can be to find affordable, tasty food in large portions. After all, as broke college students, we want our every penny to count! Keep scrolling to view the interactive map we developed featuring the locations of these local restaurants.

We hope that you will join us in getting involved in our community!

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Welcome to our interactive map. It includes local restaurants near you.

Click HERE to open the map in a new window.

Fellow Favorites

Some of Our Recommended Food Places

"My order? A belgian waffle with powdered sugar and a cup of coffee. When you're done eating and looking at the art on the walls, you can go across the street to the Arnett Branch Library! Win-win."

"I am a huge smoothie person, so B+Healthy is just perfect for me. All ingredients for their smoothies, sandwiches and salads are fresh and locally sourced. What's better than local blended fruit infused with essential vitamins? Plus, all the employees are so friendly!"

"Kareen's reminds me of a traditional Jamaican restaurant. The music was great, the food was beyond delicious, and every interaction we had with Kareen and the other customers was genuine and unique."

"I enjoy chatting with Dolores and Linford while browsing all the fun items like Jamaican jerk sauces, Tropical Rhythms soda, and gizzada (coconut pastry). It’s also neat that you can just walk across the bridge and get groceries and a meal."

What Chefs Want You to know image
Kareen’s Jamaican Kuisine and Abby’s St. Kittchen are black-women-owned businesses founded within the last two years. We sat down with chefs Kareen Duncan and Abby Riley to ask them what students should know about their restaurant.

Kareen:  “Kareen’s Jamaican Kuisine is very friendly...and the price is right! Here there is good food, a good environment, and a good price.”

Abby: “Abby’s St. Kittchen is right here. Walk around and explore the neighborhood. Be aware that this is not your average Caribbean restaurant, it’s more. We make different foods and are here to cater to you with authentic, good food.”

These chefs are right about good food for a good price. Abby’s meals range from $6 to $15 while Kareen’s cost only $7 to $10. And there will be plenty of leftovers for day two!

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In Southwest Rochester

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note: Fusion4 (719 S Plymouth) is now Caribbean Heritage

Getting nutritious food that your body is craving this summer is not as complicated as it seems. Really. If GREAT, AFFORDABLE, and GENEROUS SERVING SIZES of food are not enough to convince you to get off of campus during your free time this summer, then at least do some Googling and find out which places also offer deliveries via GrubHub or UberEats. We PROMISE it's worth it.
All of the establishments on the map above are either within walking distance from UR River Campus or are a quick Uber/Lyft/bicycle ride away.So, make the effort to get out there and support UR local businesses!
Be sure to check out the UR Summer Student Discount tab to find out where you can get up to 15% off some of these restaurants!

Below is a list of people who have contributed significantly to the making and promotion of this website. We would like to thank the following for their support: 

Abby Riley, Abby’s St, Kittchen

Kareen Duncan, Kareen’s Jamaican Kuisine

Dolores and Linford Hamilton, D&L Groceries

Arnett Café

B+Healthy Fresh Food Market

Thurston Village Ice Cream

Three Little Birds


Rawson Duckett, Grow Green

Eleonore Coleman, Rotary Club of Southwest Rochester 

John DeMott, 19th Ward Community Association

Jackie Farrell, Westside Farmers Market


Andrew Cappetta, Memorial Art Gallery

Rochester Center for Community Leadership, UR